Friday, December 23, 2011

Final Fantasy XV?

Dow we really need it? Like honestly. I know the process for making a new Final Fantasy game has been a helluva lot slower between the last few titles, but I think that was probably for a reason. If anything, they should really take longer in order to flesh out a decent story, and find away to integrate an open world again. Luckily, sources say it should be coming to the Wii U, so with more power there, there's hope. Of course it'll come to the other successors as well, PS4, and the new Xbox, so even more content can go on those. I'm curious as to how they may implemt the touchscreen controller on the Wii U though. Maybe they'll put menus and maps on the screen, so we can enjoy the beautiful environments uninterrupted on the the television screen, or maybe allow for a different point of view during fights, or whatever.

Well, here's hoping. The game is supposed to be announced at E3 2012.

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  1. Apparantly it's going to be an action-rpg SIGH...I actually love action rpgs but I have been waiting since FF10 for a proper turn based rpg in the FF series. You know, how it used to be, when it was amazing and what fans wanted!!

    Sorry, lot of rage with square lately lol. I don't get why they are testing their fans patience with FF, Dragon Quest remains the same with every game (combat wise, or near enough) and fans still love it, including myself!