Friday, November 25, 2011

Astonishing X-Men # 44

   So as we all know, Wolverine and Cyclops have gone through a little "divorce" recently, and they've each gotten their own set of Utopian residents in the agreement. Cyclops got the house, but a smaller team, while Wolverine got most of the kids. Our book starts off with Cyclops going through therapy after the whole ordeal. His physical recovery is going fine, but the team doesn't believe he's feeling alright. After all the events of Schism, having his entire team divided in probably more than half, and losing nearly all his best friends, why should he?

   Later we cut to arrival of Storm, who apparently has been off for a little while, but has returned to Utopia in support of the team. She too sympathizes with Scott's dilemma, and takes and acts on it, picking a fight with him in order to test how well he may work in the field. Impressed by his ability to keep his head, she embraces his new attitude, and the team is off to action.

   Scott finds something off with Storm however, and becomes suspicious about her. Their mission goes well, until it's revealed the cover art stays true to the book, and Storm kisses Scott. That really puts him on edge, and he begins demanding answers. We're then taken to a room where Scott finds himself locked in a capsule, along with two other very familiar looking people, and our book ends leaving us clueless about what the heck is going on.

   I hae to admit, I rarely pick up X-men books, due to the fact that there are just so many out there, but after seeing the promo's for Schism, I had to start looking into them. Each of the books take place during the aftermath of the whole event, and we get to see how the situation affects everyone, Most interestingly Cyclops. I really could not stand this guy for a very long time. Every decision he's made since Jean died (for the last time) has been very questionable, and down-right sick sometimes. His attitude towards his companions, and humans simply stinks, but seeing him in this state, I can't help but sympathies.  He's in such a weakened state, and Greg Pak nails that very well. Really, I feel he may just save the character for me. Mike McKone's Storm is beautiful, and his fights are amazing. They really make a great team, and this is making out to be a great run on the series. Definitely worth adding to your pick-up list.

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