Thursday, November 24, 2011

Final Fantasy VII 3D?

So for years now, there's been a TON of demand for a remake of the Playstation classic Final Fantasy VII. Wasn't helped when they showed off a little tech demo using the opening scene from the original game as an example of the PS3's power, back when the system was getting ready to release. Fans saw it as a hint that the game would be hitting the console as a launch title, but alas. Nothing. Except we got the long awaited, yet disappointing XIII, soon its sequal, another bad MMO, and an HD re-release of X. Sigh... However, there is hope! Just not in the form most people desire.

Rumor has it that there just may be a remake of the game on the 3DS! Yes, let the "Booing" commence. This comes from an anonymous source:
"…a remix version of the 7th game of a famous (J)RPG series, and will sell half year later of a spin-off game of the series."

Makes sense right? Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is soon to release in February of next year. It's a spin-off rhythm of the series, meaning, six months later in August, FF VII may just see a release. It's the seventh installment in the Final Fantasy series, so why not? Some say it could also Be Dragon Quest VII also, but  I doubt it, plus I don't know how you can modernize the craziness of that game.

Not sure how a 3D remake of FF VII would do much for the game though. They'd have to completely restyle the gameplay scenes to make it look too good. The cutscenes can be completely redone in CGI, and imagine how it would look as Cloud looks upon Shinra in the distance. Wow-factor now that I think of it. Yeah, this would be really great on the handheld. Imagine playing the motor-cycle mini-game using the gyroscope to move around, while you hit the shoulder buttons to swing Clouds sword, or using the touch screen to defend Fort Condor. The possibilities are endless! I want this now!

Any retro gaming geeks out there know, the game was originally supposed to be on the Nintendo 64, but since Nintendo decided to stick with cartridges, and the Disk Drive never made it out of Japan, it wasn't happening, so they wen t with Sony's system, (which was originally owned by Nintendo, til they stole it) which allowed for more storage on multiple discs. This could just be Square's method of giving back to the fans who were left out. The FF III and IV remakes were excellent back on the 3DS were excellent, so why not? Let me know what you think.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. This is the first time I have heard about this and I am pretty sure this will never happen. I am sure sony retains some of the rights to FF7, even 8 and 9 which is why they have only being released on the PS Store and no other store.

    I'd believe this to be Dragon Quest more than Final Fantasy, just look at the track record of the Dragon Quest remakes and ports compared to FF.

    Also, do you really think it would be good on 3DS? I would absolutely hate it, don't think it would look right and I definitely do not want any of the new features. The remake of 7 should be exactly the same combat and features, they should not and better not mess it up like they have with 13.

    To be honest, as much as I would love to see 7 remade into advent children style graphics I hope they don't because the way square are at the minute, they will destroy it! and besides 7 is already amazing and my favourite game, and if they make a bad job out of a remake then I believe that would be my last chance for them with any FF game.

    Just my thoughts!