Monday, January 2, 2012

Steve Jobs Doll

And this is why our world needs help. It's pretty obvious that I'm not an Apple fanboy in the least, however I still have great respect for the company, and was among those paying my respects to Steve Jobs, over his recent passing, but then I ultimately just got sick to death of hearing
about it. Stuff like this are part of the reason why. This religious worship of the man is WAY out of hand, and I hate how people will argue that it's a necessity for tech geeks to say otherwise, due to the "innovation in technology" Jobs has brought to the plate. Newsflash: Jobs admitedly did not come up with his own ideas for his products, did not design them, nor did he have any hand in their making. Even if all that turned out to be untrue, there always would'e have been someone else out there to have created something else, possibly even greater than what we've got now. I swaer, I cannot stress that enough.

So what's got me riled up this time? A Steve Jobs doll. Yes, a doll and not just any other old doll that are inevitably made out of celebrities. This is literally the most life-like figure I've ever seen in my life. Suddenly every collectors figure collection has been put to shame. Seriously, who the hell asked for this? At what point was someone looking at their mass iPod collection, and said to themself "Y'know. These would go great with a Jobs doll next to them." Argh, I can't even get over how creepily realistic this thing looks.

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