Wednesday, March 20, 2013

SpringFest 2013

I had no idea what this was until a little while ago. Just a couple of people I knew mentioning it here and there. The name says nothing, so I pretty much just brushed it off. Finally I heard it was an anime convention that was pretty much right next door to me. (A good three mile jog really, but you get the picture.) Now I'm not much of an anime fan anymore, but a convention in that sense could only mean one thing. Cosplay! One problem though. I've got no money... Soo, I was forced to become a volunteer if I wanted to get in, meaning I'd have to work. Sigh...

I got a pretty easy job though, monitoring the top floor, making sure everyone knew where they were going, and not blocking the halls. Little did I know however, was that this floor was the main attraction for a lot of the attendees. Why? Well one room dedicated to cosplay photoshoots, so I guess that was a thing, but another one was reserved for the Hentai Panels. Seriously. Soon as most of the people who made it to that floor, asking for directions wanted to know where it was. Ah, otakus... Can't play innocent myself though, I made sure to check it out a few times myself.

Funny thing was, it wasn't even the hentai that kept me interested. It was the hilarious dubs people kept giving to them, during the Dubbing session. No scene could be taken seriously at all by these people. Oh so grand. Unfortunately though, from what I heard, some scenes were a little much for some, one person actually had to leave the room in tears. Otherwise, I hear it was a total success.

Another panel that actually caught my interest was on Why Ash Ketchum Sucks. Very informative that one. If you think he's terrible in current seasons, take a look way back in the first. He's been really bad from since the start. I like the old school stuff, so Gundam Legacy was another that caught my eye. Pretty much a retrospective from the start of the series, up until now. Just makes me hype to see a new series.

Other than those I didn't get to check on much else. I wanted to visit the Maid Cafe, to see what that was about, but some friends who actually visited said it wasn't really much. food was bad, entertainment was cliche, and admission prices were high, although I probably could've gotten in free as staff.

At the end of the day, I just stuck around to get what I came for. Cosplay pics. This time around, I have a much better camera. A Sony NEX 5R, instead of my old poin and shoot Canon, but I kept getting out-shined  by everyone with their big expensive equipment. Every pic I took inside didn't really turn out as I desired, though everyone I met loved them. Sooner or later though, I'll make sure to get my hands on much better equipment, instead of having to drag so many people outside in the cold like I did.

So overall I enjoyed my time at this event. I kinda wish it wasn't so anime orientated, being more of a comic book fan myself, but that's what NYCC is for, since they finally got rid of Anime Festival. They did a pretty good job, for a student run convention. Best part about it being in a college though, was that you didn't have to rely on venders, selling over priced snacks for food. The school cafeteria had some reasonably price food, and lucky for us volunteers, we got vouchers, so meals were practically free. Win!

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