Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Oculus Rift Makes Virtual Reality... A Reality

So we've all seen it. This inevitable future in gaming. It's in like ever science fiction flick ever. Back to the Future, Tron, and even an episode of Captain Planet. The tech's always been way ahead of our time, but it's already 2012 dammit! BTTF promised we were supposed to get it at least two years ago, but no. It's also rather annoying, considering how the big names don't wanna give us anything new, except better graphics and performance, but with less freedom. Now, from one lone hobbyist, comes the start of the invention we've ALL been waiting for.

The Oculus Rift is the first ever virtual reality headset design for videogames. We've already got the technology, out in the wild, but they don't exactly work too well, considering the low resolution, and latency in motion tracking, but finally, the OR is here to do some justice. Best part is we've already got some big names, the biggest outside of Japan really, already backing it. Valve, ID, and Epic are all putting work into this device, dying to see this baby come to life.

Despite this though, it's still gonna need your support. I mean of course. Where will the device be without its audience? There's a Kickstarter up, (Yes, that again.) asking for a goal of $250,000 by Sept 1st. Of course, like all awesome projects that go up there, it's already surpassed double it's goal in just a few hours, but don't let that discourage you. The more cash they get may help speed development, improve the technology, or maybe even keep the price down. Come on guys, lets make the happen!

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