Thursday, November 17, 2011

PSA's: How they should be

This little video popped up the other day, and while it does speak a deep powerful message to me, it also kinda makes me laugh. Not because I can't take Sammy too seriously after seeing him teaming up with super heroes, but because of the irony of it. Normally one can't really take a PSA seriously, cause they're always trying to convey the most serious message in the most light-hearted way. Like when we were kids, and they kept putting non-smoking messages in our cartoons, or people acting silly when it comes to drunk driving. Sam doesn't have that. This is a "sit down, shut your mouth, and listen" talk, and when he talks, you've gotta listen. Honestly, I think more groups should use Jackson for their PSA. Don't even have to pay money for graphics, or shoot images. All the details are laid out right there.

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