Thursday, September 6, 2012

Yatagarasu: An Indie Fight Game, Coming to 3DS

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When the 3DS came out last year, there was a quite an oversaturation of fighting games coming to the handheld. From Street Fighter, to Tekken. Seemed like pretty much everyone wanted to get there fighter on the device. Why not? It's was the perfect system for it at the time, considering you can walk around without and just challenge people you meet, without having to worry about internet lag, or some thirteen hiding behind their screen, trying to trash talk you.

All that died down though, when the Vita was getting ready to release, allowing for higher quality visuals, and probably better online support. Sucks, cause we're missing out on Street Fighter X Tekken. Flawed as the game's been upon release, I really enjoy, and would've loved to see it on 3DS. No Skullgirls, or Persona 4 Arena either. Biggest dump was the announcenment of Marvel VS Capcom Origins, with absolutely no Nintendo support whatsoever. Totally unfair, no matter how I look at it, cause MVC 1 is my favorite in the vs series.

But Yeah. Finally, the 3DS is getting a new fighting game, from an indie developer, Edge Circle, and produced by Cave Story developer, Nicalis. Best part is, they're comprised of three EX-SNK members, and is based on the Street Fighter 3 Third Strike engine, so you'll have parry's, ex's, and multi-level supers. Sounds very promising to me.  The character designs look pretty awesome too. Still has that anime look that nobody can seem to get out of, but still good none-the-less.

I wonder if it'll have have shortcut options, like in SSF4 3D. A little cheap to some people, I know, but some of those moves are pretty difficult to pull off with the circle pad. It's a four button fighter though, so maybe that'll help in some way. Definitely be on the lookout for this one when it hits the eShop sometime later this year. For more details, check out Nicalis' Blog.

Here's an interview with one of the developers.

3DS trailer

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