Monday, September 19, 2011

The Destruction of "Like"

I woke up this morning, and found myself absolutely disgusted with facebook. It was funny at first. We did all laugh. Facebook finally seeing some worthy competition after all this time. Cute how they kept trying to add some new "innovations", to help keep things alive, like video chat, despite how inconvenient it was having to download some exe. just to get it running, unlike G+, which was just pick up and go, and only being able to talk to one person at a time, not to mention the fact that you couldn't even connect your Skype account despite it using Skype for its service. I mean sure, compentition comes along, offering a much better service, and even gained a ton more users within its first month than both facebook and myspace combined ever gained combined when they first started, they've gotta find something to offer the masses to keep em interested. Problem is, they're going about it all wrong! Every day users are signing on to find some new ridiculous change that make everything run so inconveniently.

Take the new photo viewer for instance. When I first used it, it took a while for the images to finally load up properly, but even then there were issues, in the form where photos and description were out of place. I once found myself looking at photo of a friend hanging out next to a car, only to read a description of a new flavor of Arizona they tried out. This could've just been an error on the users part. Possibly they wrote the description thinking it was another photo, but then when I finally saw the picture of the Arizona, the description then was of a person hanging onto a lamp post. Now I know no one could've messed up that badly, except of course facebook. Another interesting little thing they started recently was their new subscription service. Why!? What's the point of fan-- wait, I men "like" pages then? Plus we already so many other services for that. Blogger twitter, wordpress, tumblr, and lets not forget G+. Must I go on? And who the hell are these random people trying to subscribe to me? Oh, lets not forget their "Ticker" that completely obliterated any form of privacy by giving us update of every single thing our "friends" did from logging on, to their comments on someones status. The ranting and raving on that was so powerful, they got rid of it in a matter of hours.

Now here comes their newest feature. "Lists". Which by the way, they forced us. So now your classmates, coworkers and family have their own groups so you can check on them individually, and you can even post specifically to those groups. Hmmm, sounds like another service, we all know. Works especially well in my case after my little rant on the nonsense some people post as their status' all day, though I had to limit my character count due to facebook's policy. Another thing G+ has over Facebook, unlimited characters. (Seriously, just follow Tom Anderson, and read the essay's he posts everyday.) So the lists are fine and all, works in everyone's favor, except there's only one problem. It doesn't work as well! Schools, work, and family all fell into their own category automatically, (though I'm assuming, since I don't have work or family on my list), but they only categorized one of my schools. (Not that i cared for what my high school classmates had to say anyways) There's also one list open for you to customize yourself (finally!), "Close friends". Of course that's gonna wind up being your smallest list though, cause out of the 10,000 friends we all have on our main list, we only have 2 or 3 real friends. (Or maybe that's just me and my anti-social self). Still, it's all cool, just put whoever you really want on the list, all well and done. Drawback? You get a notification for every status update, photo and video upload, and note the people on that list posts. Why!? Who wants this? For the longest we've been asking for less notification, why give us more? Bad enough I log on to see 100 angry comments posted on my status updates that I wrote the night before. Why in the world do I need more about one little update a certain friend posted, that I'm already gonna see on my regular list?

I'm sorry facebook, but you lose. Google came, and is slowly conquering and you got scared. You have every right to be, don't be ashamed, but you can be so much more mature, and smarter about it, but instead you give us this. Makes me look even more forward to November 5th.

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