Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Google Plus has finally released their own fan-page service, simply called "Pages". So we all know what that means. Fake pages. So many businesses have already jumped on like Macy's, H&M, Pepsi. Even entertainment companies like DC and Marvel, and music artists like Linkin Park. However, a lot of fakes have turned up, most noticeably ones for Doctor Who. Fans last night were confused which page was the actual one, that is until "John Smith" (A fan using The Doctor's clones name, posting news about the show for the fans) shared the official page. This is something that severely cluttered facebook and myspace, to the point where the official brands had to go through extra measures, and special naming to set up their pages, and now it's hit G+. Hopefully the site will find ways around this, and keep it as clean as possible. So now what does facebook have over this? I know I'e ranted on facebook before, but really, I had no choice but to stay. It's has its conveniences, but now G+ is getting them. So what is really going to make people stay? Right now, I think the one thing they have over Google right now is its games. From since the time Google started putting games on the site, they haven't had much support, aside from Rovio and PopCap. Facebook's still got the most support from Zynga, but Zynga in a foolish move is attempting to break away from them, run their service for their games, so when that happens, where does facebook go? Sure The Sims has beating out Farm and Cityville, but with just that, who's really gonna care? Lets see where this all goes.

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