Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Space is the Place

So the world population's finally reached 7 billion. Wow! People have been getting freaky. It's kind of scary, cause now it makes you aware overpopulation. China's already got a problem with their numbers, and America's really getting hit hard with the severe lack of jobs and proper homes. The heck're we gonna do? It's amazing how certain religious arguments, especially in my home and church state that our species is gonna die out because of the rise of open homosexuality, but clearly we're still doing fine. I'm not saying we should stop screwing around, but I think we should really stop screwing around. Only in the sense that we're seriously wasting time, money, resources, and talent only making innovations in new weapons. I mean we already missed out on so many expectations for last year. Hover-boards, human-alien relations, flying cars, holographic television. We've still got some time for some space colonies.

Seriously. Living in space? It's gotta happen. It's been touched upon so much. Power Rangers, almost any video game involving space, anime's, (most notably Gundam) comic books. Anyone who's into pop culture already knows, and loves the idea. So what're you waiting for Houston?

The benefits are already there practically smacking you in the face. Think about it:

-Immediately solves the population problem. The more people who're willing to invest in these new colonies, already narrows down the head-count. Of course there are only going to be very few exclusives who are first to settle, but eventually the costs will decline, and the numbers can rise.

Cleaner air. We wont have to deal all the crazy pollution we've built up here on earth. Not at first at least. In any case however, we'll be surrounded by a giant vacuum, so we can easily just filter out any pollutants from time to time once things get bad.

Global warming no longer a factor. Whatever the case may be that is causing global warming will be a thing of the past. There's no ozone layer to screw up, and we'll have temperature control. No more unexpected snow days in October for us. We can make our own snow days!

A new start. Of course each colony is going to be a part of whatever country launches them, but it'll be a great chance to work on so many changes. New laws, massive profit from tourism, and better means of socializing.

The rise of Innovates! Innovator's, New-types, whatever you wanna call it. Anyone who's watched a Gunda series knows, life in space brings about a new evolution in humans, upping our mental awareness. Face it. We're practically still apes, only less hairy, but a lot lazier. Time we stepped up, and this is almost guaranteed.

So of course there are a ton of more benefits that aren't covered, like longer lifespans due to space time, but these are just some points. Feel free to share your own, and your thoughts on the idea.

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