Monday, December 19, 2011

Apple Dickery

I honestly cannot stand anything related to Apple these days. From speculation of them becoming the leader of the gaming industry, to fanboys bitching about anything negative relating to Jobs' death. It's always gotta be something stupid whenever they're mentioned. So the biggest thing relating to them these days, if you have any knowledge on the tech world, are their legal battles with pretty much all smarthpone and tablet manufacturers, most notably Samsung. They've pretty much be sucking though, despite their negotiations, but finally they've won something.

According to an article on, they're literally going to ban HTC phones in the states, because they're devices "infringe on their patents." I find it total bullshit that they even have the nerve to call copyright on any of the products, and am baffled that they actually get approved. Nothing out of them has any form of originality to it, Steve Jobs even admitting that he steals designs, but of course, our justice systems are so ignorant up here, hence the SOPA case, so it's no surprise.

I've never supported Apple on any of their products, despite recently being interested in their new macbooks, and this, among other things, comfirms that I never will.

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