Friday, September 16, 2011

Ultimate Comics Spider-man 01

So finally got around to reading this ridiculously controversal issue. Personally, I must say, Bendis is pretty alright when transitioning towards more ethnical characters. One little nit-pick I had though was the lack of any other ethnicity. Miles is supposed to half black, and half hispanic, but you only get to see the black side of his life. This is something done much better with Fred Van Lente's Powerman, during Shadowland, who's of the same background. (Not gonna mention the lame annoying stereotypical character he's given by every other writer though.)You don't even really see any whites outside of *spoiler* Osborn's lab, and only about two hispanics I believe. The story's done just like the original Ultimate Spidey, where Bendis just explains what our protagonists life is like before getting powers, and how he got his powers. Gotta wait til next time see how things go, unlike with other super hero stories, who start of the action with pretty much the first page. This is something I love and hate about Bendis, but that's for later. Overall, I liked the story, although that's pretty much the case with most of Bendis' work that I've read. The art was really good, although I had the little issue with *spoiers* Osborn's expression in the beginning. It's like Pichelli was trying to graft the Goblin grin on a human face, but it just does not work. I'm really looking forward to see how this new series works out, and for the controversy to die. People are forgetting that this is the Ultimate universe, not the main continuity. We still have the original Perter Parker from the 60's running around. Let a new face join in. Another thing is that this is, again the Ultimate universe. There are no rules, so be sure, Parker's dead.

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