Saturday, November 26, 2011

American Tragedy Redux

    This album is shit. Hands down. However, it does have some really good songs. So it's not a new studio album. Of course not, AT just came out in April, it's a remix album, like Linkin Park's Reanimation, however it fails where Reanimation greatly succeeds. Sorry for having to compare, but it really can't be helped. While not all the songs there were perfect, but they were remixed very well. Redux however, just sounds like a bunch of youtubers took a nice beat and slapped HU's vocals over it.

    Some songs actually lose all flavor to them as well, most notably the "Bullet" remix by Kay V. It sounds like the DJ just heard the words "bottle" and "pills" and tried to make a whole party song out of it. Not cool. Certain other songs are okay, but just not for me, like the remix for "Levitate", (sing it to any girl, and you will get laid) which got its own music video.

    In the end, the only songs I bothered with were "My Town", "Coming Back Down", "Hear Me Now", and "Been To Hell". Surprisingly I found the "Coming back Down" remix better than the original. The beat seems to fit better to me. "My Town" has a really good energetic flow to it as well, and shows off Danny's vocals really well. "Hear Me Now" was almost a perfect metal remix, until Danny goes into solo, and the guitars fail to connect. "Been To Hell" actually sounds like what a demo for the song might have sounded like. The intro is really epic too.

    My suggestion is everyone should give the songs a listening to, before purchasing anything, because the whole thing is so not worth it. Buying the tracks individually would save so much trouble.

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