Friday, November 18, 2011

Real Internet Censorship

So as we all know. The other day, congress had their little discussion on whether to censor the internet. To put it basically, the internet would be dead if it was ruled. Couldn't share anything on Tumblr, The majority of youtube videos would get taken down, even if someone was just covering a song, or one just happened o be playing in the background of their video, and shareware would no longer exist. Of course there was no way this could go through though. While it is ridiculous how much pirated content is on the internet these are the only means for a lot of people to find entertainment. Cable and sattelite is so tired these days, people have stopped using it the radio is just filled with crap. The internet just proves so much more convenient.

Anyways, now there seems to be another form of censorship going around. Youtube partner fluffeetalks had his honors taken down recently, and cannot be shown on yotube's front page any longer, due to the graphic nature of his videos. Not that he posts any graphic images or anything, he just talks about certain incidents in the news, sort of like sxephil, but with only one story, and more comedic. However, many of his stories revolves about sexual incidents, like rape or womens vagina's getting buzz sawed. This apparently has caught youtube's interest, and they've found it too "inappropriate" to promote. Honestly, they allow all these pop stars on the site, promoting drugs, guns, and promiscuity, yet, this is the guy they find inappropriate? Sad.

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