Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Great Debate

The time is finally upon us. Today IGN has reported on the release date for the PS Vita outside of Japan. Febuary 22nd is when we can all finally experience our PS3 nano's. This release will come nearly and entire year after the release of the 3DS, which came out in March of this year. As we all know, the 3DS hasn't been doing too well, not even one million worldwide yet, while the iPhone 4S, a mere software upgrade to the iPhone 4 has already sold millions after just releasing last Thursday. Such a sad fact, but hey, we've still got the holidays, and a whole arsenal of big name times coming, so hopefully Nintendo can finally pick up. The Vita on the other hand isn't going to have that advantage outside of Japan, meaning it's really going to have to rely on its devoted followers in order to get anywhere at launch. So far the system seems promising even more so than the 3DS during its launch, but is that really going to hold up? What are fans really going to purchase the device for? Is it the multimedia, like what the iPhone is for? Or could it be the actual games? So far it boasts pretty much the same things as it competitor devices. Front and rear camera's, motion control, augmented reality, music, pictures, and videos, and a touch screen. Its unique traits however include a rear touch panel, dual analog sticks, and its PS3 integration, where one can share content between both devices. So how does all that compete with other devices already on the market? To be honest I can't really see it holding itself as a gaming device, when a bunch of its titles are mere PS3 ports, like Ultimate MvC 3, Street Fighter x Tekken, and Dragon's Crown. For those already with a PS3, most may not actually see the point in getting the handheld, unlike me who sees it as the perfect opportunity to finally get in on the PS3 action. It's also going to be sold at the same exact price. By a multimedia standpoint it doesn't really offer much either. It's got your typical music, video, and pictures, Sony's ne little Music Unlimited service, but other than that, how does it hold up? Their hasn't really been much promise for third party apps. Even the 3DS has netflix, and a lot of speculation gearing towards youtube. The reason iPhone strives is its app support, which is what Nintendo has been gearing towards recently. Personally I do plan on picking up a Vita but solely for its high end titles. Maybe others out there will see it for other purposes. What do you guys think?

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