Sunday, December 25, 2011

Carol of the Bells in the Cello.

Whoa this guy is sweet! So, I have this tradition, where every year during December, I would listen to a bunch of different versions of Carol of the Bells via youutube, ever since I stumbled onto some sweet amv's for the transiberia orchestra version. This year, I got kinda lazy, mainly listening to TO, Thrice, and August Burns Red, but today, being Christmas, I decided to do more searching, and stumbled onto this little number. The Cello's way too overlooked as an instrument, and can add some great tone a lot of songs. I just love the editing here, and the different methods implemented.

Check out the rest of their channel too. These guys are definitely gonna be a big sensation. Oh yeah, and Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays everyone.

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