Sunday, August 5, 2012

Final Fight X Resident Evil

Sprite by Steamboy33
So this totally came out of Nowhere, but think about it. A Final Fight style beat-em-up, where in all the civilians and Mad Gear gang members have been infected with the T-Virus. It'll take place right after the Raccoon city incident, which isn't so far away from Metro, so possible a few infected animals, or humans escaped there, before the place got nuked.

The story would start off with an Outbreak in Metro City, and all things to to hell. Cody, while in Jail, see's the chaos going on outside, and figures it looks like "some fun" and breaks out of his cell. Naturally, he runs into Guy, and they team up.

Chris and Jill, on their journey to expose Umbrella for their crimes, find their way to the city, and find themselves caught within the outbreak. They run into Poison and Hugo, who are deathly terrified of the zombies, and are unable to do a thing. They're saved by the pair, and agree to act as guides, who can possibly lead them to a hidden umbrella facility.

Both teams would later on meet up, Guy and Cody not too willing to trust Poison and Hugo, but agree to help out anyways. They later run into Rolento, who sees the outbreak as the perfect oppurtunity to create his "Utopia". He tries fighting the team at first, but realizing he has no way to control the zombies, joins them, stating they will need a "good tactical leader" if they want to survive, and that if they do "well enough" he may recruit them into his army. Figuring they'll need all the help they can get, and not wanting to leave any survivor behind, they agree to let him tag along.

So these are just a few ideas from off the top of my head. Things can be improved, but tell me this concept wouldn't work. Things in Capcom games don't really get to far-fetched for this to not be impossible. Come on guys, lets get this story out into the wild! Final Fight needs to be revived, and Resident Evil's possibly about to finish soon, and fans are gonna be dying for more, so why not!?

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