Thursday, April 5, 2012

Avenger VS X-Men #1

So with another year, comes another Marvel event. This time, it's The Avengers Vs The X-men. This one actually gets started due to the incidents of a previous event "House of M." Since that time, the mutant race has severely declined, after the Scarlet Witch wiped away the powers of most mutants on the planet. Mind you, it was their powers that were lost, not their lives. Their POWERS! That's gonna come up as a huge point later on.

For a while now, we've been following the development of the young mutant Hope. She's literally the only mutant who's been born since Hous of M. It's believed that she is literally the last "Hope" for mutankind, and was adopted and raised in the future by Cable. Of course things went screwy, and is back in the present as a teenager, under the care of the X-Men.

The Phoenix Force, which has plagued the X-Men many times, ultimately forcing its host Jean Grey to kill herself, has been seen manifesting within her, and has the team worried. Finally, a huge force of it slips out, and this is where the tension finally begins. The team has no idea what to do about this, but Scott somehow convinces himself that this can be an opportunity for mutant-kind, since the Phoenix not only means death, but also rebirth, and we all know what he wants most.

Up in New York, a fireball is seen falling out of the sky, and hits a plane. The Avengers manage to the aircraft, and upon investigation of the fireball, discovers a severely injured Nova. We then cut to the team discussing the incident with the president, revealing that they found energies similar to the Phoenix force radiating off of Nova's body. Clearly it's heading towards us, and is looking for a host. Just then they get a huge signature of the same energy, coming from Utopia, as Hope has just awakened some of the energy that was withing her. So wait, there's two? Ah whatever.

The team consults Wolverine about what might have happened, and he reveals that it was definitely Hope, but he knows that of course, Scott being Scott, definitely will not hand her over to them. They arrive on the island, explaining the situation to Cyclops, but he proves Wolverine right, and refuses, arguing they need her, and an take care of the situation themselves. Captain America does not take this well, refuses to leave without her. They both call war, and here our even begins.

Can't say I actually appreciate this book. Everything that went was predictable since it was announced way back. I'm tired of stories that are only started over some misunderstanding. So of course I'm not a fan of Cyclops, due to his constant irrational behavior. One would think he'd have learned from the events of Schism, but of course "Character development? What's that? Derp." All these years dude? Really?

And now back to my point about the fact that the mutants only lost their powers and not their lives. Seriously. Why does it matter? First off, there are so many of them who've benefited from this, since many of them didn't even want their powers and can appreciate the effect, and also others who've bodies were very unstable, and could not even live a normal life. Also, they're all still alive! Literally there's been no harm done to anyone in this case. The evolutionary track has been slowed down due to this, but it really wasn't even stable enough to keep going anyways. What in the world would The Avengers even do to Hope anyways? Cyc clearly doesn't even know what he wants to do with Hope anyways. The whole idea of The Phoenix being used for rebirth was just a spur of the moment thing, and there's no way anyone else was going to agree to it anyways. He's literally the only fool looking into things in such a light.

I dunno. Maybe this thing will improve drastically within coming issues, but I can't see myself religiously anticipating every issue, and tie-in. 

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