Thursday, April 5, 2012

Google Prepares To Make Way For The Future With Project Glass

So yeah, we all heard about it and everything already, but now we get a demonstration. Damn! I want this!!! Seriously. Growing up on video games and comic books, I've seen tech like this all the time, but it's so disappointing that we've yet to have it in the real world.

Having recently gone through Heavy Rain, I was introduced to the possibilities of the tech again, in the form of Norman Jayden, an FBI agent who uses experimental augmented reality glasses to help in his crime investigations. Unfortunately they caused terrible side-effects which forced him to go on a special drug, which he grew addicted to. Of course designers will have to make sure those side-effects are never a factor when this comes to real life.

Imagine what else can be done with these things. We wouldn't need computer moniters, since we can run everything through the glasses, or hey, maybe no computers in general, and just let everything run in the cloud. Who the heck would need to go to a physical school? Just throw on your glasses, and you're right in the classroom. Forget buying the latest and greatest flat-screen for your movies and video games, when the entertainment's right in your face!

Ah, the possibilities... Too bad this probably wont come to pass as nicely as the video suggests, but hey. Someday! Be sure to follow the project on Google Plus for constant updates.

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