Wednesday, August 29, 2012

So the other day, I believe Sunday it was, Linkin Park fans got word that the music video for Lost In the Echo, was set to debut the following Wednsday, August 29th. I already spoke of the awesomeness that was that song in my album review, so of course I was pretty interested. I didn't expect much though, considering, I never really cared for the bands last few videos, starting from Burning in the Skies. Seems like Joe Hahn just lost his touch, or something, but I still show my support.

Annoyingly, you have to add an app to your face to get the video to work, so first I tried looking on youtube to see if someone else uploaded it, but apprently not, so I wound up using my facebook. Naturally, I still wound up disappointed. This is a heavy and uptempo song, so I figured there should be a lot of crazineess going on. Maybe war, riots, people running... Nope, just some guy walking into a building. So I was like, "eh, alright, maybe it picks up during the chorus or something." Nope. Just people gathering around the guy, grabbing pictures... Now they're looking at the pictures... "Holy crap, that's me!"

Yes, completely out of nowhere, a picture of me and some friends show up in one of the pictures that the people in the video are holding up. They literally took pics of me and my "friends" from off my facebook, and automatically edit them into the video. I was wondering what was up with that random picture of food. Apparently something a "friend" has. I made sure to watch a second time, to make sure it wasn't a one time deal, and indeed the pictures were different. No wonder they said "interactive video."

As for the rest of the video though, it was still a disappointment. I guess what's happening is that the pictures reveal some hidden truth about the person that's standing across from the holder, and they're totally distraught, and just "shatter", but for the pace of the song, I really don'd feel it works.  In any case, it's still worth a look, at least for the effects.

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