Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First Person Games

So if anyone were to ever get to know me and my gaming habits, they'd know I can't stand first person shooters. I just can't see the appeal of running around with some random hand holding a gun in front of you. To me it looks silly really. So obviously I'm not too happy when I get ad's blown in my face about the next Call of Duty or Halo, and Clearly I can't be a fan of X-box 360. (Though I have become a huge fan of its Gears of War series in the past few weeks) It doesn't really end with just shooters though. It's anything in first person, like The Elder Scroll's. Not planning on getting into that though.

I just don't get why everything has to be in first person these days though. They're even remaking an old tactic game Syndicate into an FPS. Why? Why turn a game that took brains into one full of mindless shooting? (Not saying they're all like that. Take the Deus Ex series for example)

Seems everyone wants to sell out now. Even licensed games, which were already nothing but chash-in's to begin with. Now they're combined.
This game was cancelled, and thank goodness. Mind you, it probably could never hold it's own regardless, but my gosh this looks silly. Seriously, who wants to run around with The Hulks big green hands in their face? or get severe motion sickness from trying fly around like that with Iron-man. Admittedly, I really feel it could've worked well in the third person. Just make a solid combo system, and it'd be set. But no, they've gotta appeal to the crowd. Sad.

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