Saturday, November 26, 2011

OnLive: Possible Future of Gaming.

So finally, after getting bombarded ad, after ad, after AD, I finally decided to try out the new OnLive gaming serivce, after seeing their little special about getting your first game for a buck. Yes, you can get your first game for a buck right now. Hurry up and get it now, then come back. (or don't, if you're already convinced I guess) I've been really dying to get my hands on Saints Row: The Third for the longest while now, but couldn't due to insufficient funds, and the lack of a proper gaming platform to play on. In comes this awesome service offering the game for nothing, and telling me I don't need some high end computer to work it. The heck was I gonna say?

   So for the rare few who don't know, OnLive is a cloud service that allows you to play practically any high end PC game off their own personal servers. All you need is your average everyday PC or Mac, and you're good to go. Only set-backs to it though is that If you have an unreliable internet connection like I do (at the time I'm writing this, I'm sharing the same connection with about five other devices on a DSL service) you're not going to have the best time. The worse your conncetion gets, the less quality you're going to get out of them, down to the point where you get no images at all, and have no idea what is going. There's no lag at all when everything's together though. Every single click I made when I was able to play gave me an immediate response, as if I was playing off my own device.

    So just from those few little tests I'm really liking this service. I can only blame any issue on my terrible service and my families refusal to listen to the one techey in the house and get some better service. I really hope it gets a lot more support from gaming companies in the future, so that we may all be able to enjoy the same gaming experience despite not being able to afford or maintain a high-end gaming PC for whatever reason. Don't even need any discs, and you wont get stuck with downloading a game for so many hours, or having insufficient space on your hard drive. Why not?

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