Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Why Saints Row: The Third deserves Game of the Year

     Or at least a nomination. So when I first saw this game on its surface, I couldn't care less about about it. I thought pretty much what everyone else thought. Another GTA clone.Didn't help that I was never much a GTA fan either. What later caught my eye though were its amazing customizable options. I actually never heard a wink about the first two games, so of course it came as a surprise. Then I saw some gameplay, where the demonstrator at E3 pulled out a dildo, beat a lady and then flew off in a jet. Mind. Blown.

     Immediately I just knew this wasn't just gonna be another cash-in title. Then the commercials and trailers started piling on. Zombie fights in a bathrobe, whored mode, crotch punches? "Where's my copy already!?" I thought to myself. Of course I pretty much knew I wasn't getting the game anytime around the time of it's release, due to the lack of money, and a console for it, but I was sure gonna look out for it wherever possible. Luckily however, OnLive turned all the around, and I've been able to play it.

    Thing is, I haven't been able to get very far withing the game, due to the fact that my internet is terrible, and I can only play in small sessions, and I can't help but waste time and explore, but from just that, I feel like I can't give the game a really good word. Honestly, this title seems like a necessary addition to the roster of games that've been coming out recently, with all the war shooters, and deep over-dramatized titles. The game adds no form of innovation to gameplay, but sure does give a really different gaming experience.

    So here are some reasons why I feel the title of this article is justified:

Solid Gameplay: Like I said, there's nothing really innovative with the gameplay. Pretty much anything you've seen or have done in GTA is right here, but the fact that it works is what's important. We all know what happens when you play a game that makes you fight it just to play. Of course though, I've had issues due to having to use a keyboard and mouse, but I'm quickly getting used to it, almost don't miss the tradition controller at all. Still can't top dual analogs, or a touchscreen though.

Story: While not the best story out there, especially compared to some other titles that have launched alongside it recently, but the fact that there's something there is really awesome. So many times have I been turned off from a game because I just could not be engrossed by it's story, * cough* FF13 *cough* but this game just throws you directly in, like an action movie, and you're pumped right from the start.

Good Pacing: I recently sat down to play a friends copy of Sonic Generations and noticed something I really hated about the new Sonic games. They make players look like idiots. Why is it that we have to go through so many tutorial levels, just to start playing the game? It's really simple. Sonic runs forward, jumps on robots to make them explode to into cute little animals, and the level is finished once you reach the end. "Oh word? You added in some new mechanics? Cool. lemme just check the manual. Wait, where the hell is the manual!?" I'm serious. They skipped out on the manual. It's like just for pages, with nothing important it. WTF? What happened to the days where we would get these oversized manuals with character bios, and gameplay instuctions. Oh no. You have to unlock the bios, and to learn the controls? You've gotta listen to Omachoa. Yeah, cause we really missed Him! You never see that in the Smash Bros games. They just throw you right into subspace, and tell you to fight. Don't know how? Read the big-ass manual that came with the game! Ugh.

So thankfully SR3 doesn't do that to you, and throws you right into the fight, where you've gotta take down the bank staff, then protect your gangs helicopter from the police while you ride on top of the vault you're trying to haul away. Epic! No stopping to learn how to pull a trigger, how to run, or dive-bomb that big dude in front of you. Find out yourself.

Characters have character: I can't stand stories who just give you your protagonist, and place a few side characters here and there, just for the sake of it. Each of these characters actually have their on personality, and story to them, and they interact off each other, including your character. There's one mission in the game where your character, and one of the other Saints are hanging out, and the two of them are singing along to the radio. The interaction between them is so realistic, making it obvious they didn't just pull up any random person, and asked them to speak.

Nice Break from reality: So of course, when you hear that you're a gang boss, it just sounds like another immoral game glorifying violence, but it's far from that. Yes, there is a ton of violence, but it doesn't take itself seriously in that aspect. Like I said. You get to carry around a giant dildo, and even throw toilet paper as a projectile. Real gangs aren't gonna do that in our society. Matter of fact, you can't expect to see any of the things seen in this game to happen in real life. Who the hell jumps out of a helicopter, parachuting down to a penthouse party by themselves, in order to activate an elevator let your crew in? Your character does. Did I also mention you can run around naked and go streaking? Yep. It can happen here.

Awesome customization options: As I said, the ability to customize was what first caught my eye about this game. I always like that in a game. Helps me connect even more with my character, unlike other games that just give you this "handsome American guy that we're all supposed to aspire to be." Not that I don't like those games, but I prefer the ability to believe it's really me doing all these awesome things. The options they give you are incredible. You can customize your build, skin tone, facial structure, everything. It's kinda like playing around with 3D designing software on your computer really. When people play this game, no two players are going to look alike. You can even go as far as to forget looking like yourself, and make characters from other media. I actually saw someone make The Joker once, or just be like everyone else, and swap genders and create your fetish. No limits.

   I've gone on way too much with this, but really this game has so much to offer. A whole lot of other things I haven't covered, or even gotten to do yet. Really, this is one amazing game, and I feel it deserves so much more credit than it's gotten. I've never seen it score higher than an 8.5, and it probably hasn't even sold anywhere close to half the numbers of Modern Warfare 3, or pretty much any of the other AAA titles that have come out recently, and I find that disappointing. It really deserves more credit than it's given, just because it's not a war or sports title.

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