Monday, December 12, 2011


So the trailer finally dropped, and I must say, it does look interesting. Of course, I was one of those guys who were like "meh" when news hit that it existed, and could even care less that they were also shooting by my school City Tech earlier this year. Thing is, I lost all touch with movies recently due to how much cliche crap that has been coming out recently, and rarely are the third incarnations of something too much of a hit, but this movie seems like it wants to do something other movies have failed to do.

Apparently time traveling is the theme here, which seems pretty out of place from the previous movies. There's a new threat hitting the earth, which of course only Agent K knows of, and Agent J is left out of the loop. Then all of a sudden, K goes missing, and reality's been altered to the point where he's apprently been dead for about 40 years yet J remember's him being alive. Now J's gotta head back in time to find his K's younger self, and figure out wtf is going on.

It'll be interesting to see how the franchise can hold up after all these years. Most of us were little kids when the second movie came out back in 02. Now how will everything look through our adult eyes today? Lets see.

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