Monday, December 12, 2011

Mrs. Violence.

Congrats to Kelly Kelley a.k.a Mrs. Violence on her teams victory on GameSpot's The Controller. For anyone who doesn't know, The Controller is a miniseries where where professional gamers and noobs team up to compete in events in order to win cash prizes. This season had only two female competitors, a gamer, and a non-gamer.

For the competition, teams had to compete in various challenges to stay in. One physical, for the gamers, and the other was playing multplayer in BattleField 3, for the non-gamers. From the first episode, it was apparent that Mrs. Violence was gonna be the underdog of the competition, having done poorly in the very first physical round, forcing her to pick her partner last. Didn't help either that the Red Teams non-gamer Edgar was a natural behind a controller, and pretty much owned at physical challenges (the ones that didn't require a brain that is.)

In the end howerver, when it came down to both teams in the final competition, not only did her team triumph, but her final score owned everyone in the final match. Just another case of the underdog coming out on top yet again. Admittedly, I only was rooting for this team since the beginning, cause I liked their colors, dark blue, and I thought Kelly was pretty cute. Matter of fact that's kinda what kept me hooked on the series, since I really don't like shooter, and I, like a few others, just saw Battlefield 3 as just another cash-in, but as I got into things and saw the interactions between the teams, the craziness of some of the physical challenges, and how much these noobs can improve their game within a week. In the end, I must say. It turned out to be pretty enjoyable

Now I'm on the lookout for more more shows like this, and am better aware that there are actually gamer girls out there I can better relate to. A lot of us guys know how difficult it is to get a girl to understand our gaming needs. To see that we actually have female counterparts out there who can sympathize is a relief.

Everyone should go check out Mrs. Violence. She's on Facebook, and Twitter. Unfortunately no Google + yet. Root for her at the MLG's, and check her out on The Controller.

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