Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Nintendo Factor

I'm so tired of people bashing Nintendo, and suggesting the direction they should be going in, namely sites like IGN. It seems like everyday someone just wants to take a swing at them, and it's really old. Understandably, they didn't have to nice a start this year, the Wii has pretty much been off the record until recently, but that does not in any way reflect their future.

The launch of the 3DS was pretty much a disaster, and even I admit, I was upset myself. I'm not exactly a "hardcore"Nintendo fan, having recently switched more to the PC, but I had to get my 3DS at launch. It was a Nintendo handheld, which as never disappointed before. I loved my Gameboys, and my DS, so what harm could the next one do? Rape my wallet, and leave me with only one game in my library til August. Didn't help either when they announced the price drop, and poor compensation for suckers like me. (Btw, check out the full list of GBA titles said to hit.) At that point, I pretty much was ready to give up, but I got over it, after realizing, this isn't even the first time Nintendo's been in trouble like this. Just gotta hold out.

So of course seeing a situation like this, everything just wants to bash their next console, the Wii U. Something most of them have have never even gotten their hands on, nor even seen the full capabilities of. So how in the world is that fair? And again, everyone is just look at one very minor aspect of it. It's graphics. Yes, the Wii U bosts very high def graphics, and no, they may not compare to the rest of the next gen consoles, but that's not what the system is about. It's controller not only acts as a screen itself, but it's also Nintendo's own little tablet. Granted it's not gonna be used for everyones traveling buddy, but look at the vast majority of things tablets can do, and combine that with a full fledged gaming system. It's like everyone ignored the entire trailer, and focused on the one thing they always wanted out of the Wii.

Now what everyone is saying Nintendo should do is take Sega and Atari's route and just develop games for other consoles and phones. Like seriously? Were that to happen, we're just left with Apple, Microsoft, and Sony to make any new hardware. Honestly, when the hell have any of those companies made anything original? Everything one of them are hanging on to Nintendo's success with their hardware. They made it first, and they made it best. Apple takes from Nintendo's handhelds, Sony and Microsoft takes from everything Nintendo has done.

Nintendo is the leading innovator in gaming. Without them, the gaming world would be nothing, and I'm not just talking about them reviving the gaming industry after the crash, but to what they've been doing up until today. Kinect and move wouldn't exist today without them, so how in the world would there move publishing work out? Literally, if they were to leave, all new consoles would just boast better graphics from generation to generation. The iPhone doesn't do anything new, and andandoroid just waits on apple. So where will gaming go? Think about it.

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