Tuesday, December 13, 2011

OnLive on the Xperia Play. No controller necessary.

So something I didn't mention before about the OnLiveapp for android and ios was that there were very few games that would actually work without the universal controller, though that's a big duh since a touchscreen is nothing compared to a physical controller. However, what say you don't wanna go about buying a $50 controller? I know I don't, or can't really. Not that I even have a device anyway. Now possibilities are arriving to make that happen.

Now from the hacker community to the app developer community, someone has made an app exclusively for the Xperia Play, Sony's little PSP phone, that will allow games previously unable to be played without a controller playable on the device. The Play doesn't really get much love from the mobile community, despite it being the more dedicated device for gaming in the android market. Really out of the ridiculous amounts of phones out there that run the same OS, I find it the best, but ah well.

So far the only games compatible with the app are DiRT 3, and LEGO Batman, but surely there is more to come. Plus, LEGO Batman comes free to anyone who download the OnLive app via android, so it gives you something to play while more games are worked on. Pretty neat. So head over and pick up the app if you've actually got an Xperia Play, and enjoy.

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