Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kid Icarus finally has a release date.

It's about time! Kid Icarus Uprising was pretty much the first 3DS game shown off at E3 2010, and it got even everyone smiling. I've never actually played the original game, nor would I care to, and I can't stand people who use the character in Brawl, but the trailer is what got me really excited for the 3DS. The thing looked like an actual console game, and it was pretty much my favorite genre, action-adventure. Unfortunately, news went out that it wasn't gonna be a launch title, and there wasn't even a release date by the time the handheld did launch, and not even one at E3 where the second trailer was shown.

Thanks for the huge middle finger Nintendo. Now finally, a whole year after the 3DS was released, the game is set to hit shelves on March 27, 2012. This, had better be the be the best handheld game ever, otherwise heads will spin. Judging from the new trailer (which is just the E3 one in english) it looks to have potential. NYC'res should mark the date too, cause StreetPass NYC promises to have something planned.

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