Friday, December 16, 2011


This video's basically a documentary of people SOPA will have an effect on. The Channel Awesome community is a group of content creators found on the thatguywiththeglasses website. Their job is to take material found in pop culture today and give their opinion on the faults of them in Satirical ways, most notably the Nostalgia Critic who reviews movies from his childhood. Of course all their videos contain copyrighted material, which are always sighted in the end credits. Despite this, if SOPA is to pass, all their videos will probably be banned, and they will be out of their job. Most of these reviewers came from crappy lives like us, and found their dream careers in this medium. If congress is to take it away, they're left with literally nothing. How can they let that happen?

This bill will cause unemployment in a country ridden with a ton of jobless men and women, and cause depression among them, and even those like me who just use these things as a minor hobby. As a huge fan of sites like this, I've actually been hoping to pursue a career in this, having recently sent in an application the Channel Awesome's sister site, as a gaming news contributor. What say I were hired today, then a few hours later, the bill passes and I'm immediately out of work. Where is the justice in that?

The worst part about all this, is, that there is very little hope for us, seeing as the house is so full of incompetents. Many hae admitted they have no idea what is on the bill, nor how the internet even works. Why are we even leaving the state of our country in the hands of these people? It's really scary considering, cause of one point that was made, on how with the limited use of search engines like google, we cannot even track down suspicious activities like websites made by terrorists, in order recruit more of them, or plan attacks.

Fact of the matter is, even if this goes through, online piracy will not cease, cause when you look at it, you can take away a pirates ship, but it doesn't stop them from being a pirate. They'll just stow away on another, and go off from there. This really must be stopped. Now!

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