Tuesday, July 10, 2012

EVO 2012

So this was my first time actually ever streaming EVO. Never knew much about it before, except the infamous Daigo vs Justin Wong match from way back. This time, I was finally able to follow up on it, due to constant reminders by some of my favorite youtubers, namely the announcement of fighterpedia's Woolie being pitted against Daigo in round one. (He lost of course.)

I must say, it was quite enjoyable, from what I did catch (Bad internet is bad!) I didn't exactly know who to route for, considering practically all of these guys were new to me. I wanted to root for Justin Wong, considering he did make it his start here in NYC, but I couldn't say the other performers didn't do well themselves. He didn't win any of the tournaments though, but still did great.

Something sparked while watching the King of Fighters matches though, and I found myself getting really excited watching. I really wanted to root and cheer, but figured there wasn't much point since I was merely watching from a computer screen, plus I didn't want to draw attention from my family. (Not that they really give it much though...) It was just so exciting, seeing all those combos performed, and with such amazing precision. Finally I realized what went on through peoples heads whenever they watched a sports game. They really aren't all crazy. Though that's still up to debate. Honestly. I went to some wrestling a little while back with a friend, ( i was dragged) and I had to say, it really was not worth it. The show was pretty decent and all, but it was so not worth standing out in the hot sun for two hours, listening to the fans bicker on and on about nothing.

I think events like this should actually be considered a sport, really. I mean, there were teams, like Cafe ID, a group of Korean KOF players, and the Street Fighter X Tekken matches were all team-based. There was some great sportsmanship going on, unlike what I've seen and heard about of other "official" sports leagues, and its already got its audience, so why not? You can't say these people aren't athletes eithes either. Movements like those take immense skill, and the brain's the best muscle we've got, so come on! Anyone with me?

Overall, it was a great experience. Like I said King of Fighters was my favorite match. Unfortunately, Super Street Fighter 4, and Street Fighter X Tekken, despite being my favorites to play, didn't do much for me. The matches were okay, but just didn't have that great a level of excitement. Mortal Kombat was okay, Marvel vs Cap was okay, and surprisingly Virtua Fighter 5 was pretty good. I was never into the series before, not having a console to play it on, seeing those matches really makes me want to get into the series. I wish they had Skullgirls though, and I can't wait to see Injustice, and Tekken Tag 2 next year. What did you guys think?

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